According to the IRNA correspondent, Dariush Arman said at a press conference in the Parsian Hotel in Kermanshah , adding that the condition of special patients, especially dialysis, is not suitable for earthquake areas in Kermanshah.
He continued to use all offices and branches of the Kidney Foundation of Iran for the Protection of Renal Patients throughout the country to treat and equip the dialysis sections of the earthquake cities of Kermanshah.
Arman said, “with 50 degrees of heat, and the phenomenon of severe dust in the earthquake areas of Kermanshah, Living for dialysis patients in tents and canteens is difficult in this overheating heat that should be addressed as soon as possible and with multiple efforts to these areas.”
The chairman of the board of the Kidney Foundation of Iran has asked individuals such as Ali Daei, Sadegh Ziabakalam and Mrs. Kalbasi, who have public support, to prioritize their treatment and help special patients and dialysis who suffer a lot.
He set up renal association offices in the earthquake-stricken areas of Kermanshah province and equipped these offices with dialysis beds and equipment from the most important programs of the Kidney Foundation of Iran for the Support of Kidney Patients.
Arman also noted the presence of the most prominent physicians of the kidney transplant in the earthquake struck in the next few days, adding that in addition to displacement, dialysis pain, lack of specialist and neonate are the most important problems of kidney disease in earthquake areas.
According to this senior member of the Association for the Advancement of Kidney Patients, the association has 30,000 people as the oldest kidney sponsor charity association, and over 40 years of its existence, more than 50,000 kidney transplants have occurred under its supervision.
He suggested that good doctors who have a strong presence in all crises, with the support of the Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, sponsored the construction of 150 residential units for 150 kidney and dialysis patients in earthquake areas.

The manager of Kidney Foundation in Kermanshah also announced that the number of dialysis patients waiting for the transplantation of all the earthquake-stricken areas in the province was 42.
Hossein Biglari said: “Sarpol-e-Zahab has eight dialysis beds, whose wear-resistant equipment does not respond to dialysis patients coming from different areas.”
Bigarli said 750,000 kidney patients undergo dialysis in Kermanshah, 950 of whom live in the province, and the rest of the provinces are adjacent to the province.
There are 127 dialysis beds in the province, some dialysis centers such as Imam Reza Hospital sometimes work on four shifts, which causes burnout, “said Biglari.
He said, “All provincial cities except the Dalaho and Salas-e-Babajani cities have dialysis flat beds.
He said: “Dialysis treatment for patients is free, and each patient gets dialysis three times a week, which costs 40 million rials a month to the government.”


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