Dialysis services to dialysis patients are presented in the Ghasr Shirin.

After earthquake in the western part of the country and damaging a part of Sarpol-e Zahab hospital, patients in Saripol-e-Zahab receive referral services for dialysis services to Hazrat Abolfazl-e-Abbas Ghasr Shirin Hospital.

There were 4 dialysis machines in the hospital before the earthquake, and four other dialysis machines have been added.

There are 8 dialysis patients in Ghasr Shirin city, and 16 dialysis patients from Sarpol-e Zahab to Hazrat Abu al-Fazl al-Abbas (AS) Hospital are referred to Ghasr Shirin and they use the services Every other day.

Patients who were transferred to this hospital from Serp0l-e-Zahab expressed satisfaction with the status and quality of services provided at Ghasr Shirin.

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