Prof. Dr. Karl Martin Wissing and Mr. Nico Van Paesschen and Nazanin Biglari

According to our request of Kermanshah Chamber of Special and Incurable Disease and the Kidney Foundation of Kermanshah To visit UZBrussels Hospital and renal wards and hospital facilities by our health ambassador, Dr. Nazanin Biglari, fortunately Prof. Dr. Karl Martin Wissing, the head of nephrology department accepted kindly and a meeting was planned.

In this meeting, Dr. Nazanin Biglari was very well welcomed by employers, doctors and staff of the hospital especially the cooperation of Mr. Nico Van Paesschen the head nurse of UZBrussels Hospital


She visited renal wards, RO wards and the section of repairing Dialysis equipment. In addition, she became familiar with the services of the hospital for patients, models of equipment and etc. we wish in further visits the hospital will cooperate with us.

Nazanin Biglari

Kermanshah UZBrussels


The purpose of this meeting was to see European hospital facilities for patients So that we can provide such services to our patients. Furthermore contacting and negotiation of Iranian hospitals with European ones especially in Belgium. Currently in Kermanshah, Iran there is Emam Reza Hospital which is the professional medical center of west of Iran. And also there are Emam Khomeini and Taleqani Hospitals.

We hope to continue our relations and in other cases such as cancer and Chemotherapy in the future. We want to exchange new sciences between two countries of Iran and Belgium. And we invite the scientists and professors to visit Kermanshah and share their experiences with our professors and specialists. Also our professors and surgeons are eager to visit this hospitals and use the new scientific and practical cases. We hope this close relations will be accomplished and the result will be Well-being and comfort of patients that we can reduce their pains. We do our best to provide the patients the best welfare, cultural, surgical and hospital services.

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