The head of Imam Reza Hospital Complex, Kermanshah, announced that it would join the National Campaign, “Sympathy Spring,” calling on all the professors and staff of the hospital to join this campaign.

Dr. Ali Soroush said in a conversation with the correspondent of Meda Kermanshah, adding: “The staff of this hospital has never confined itself to treating acute physical pain, and has always felt responsible for relieving the wounds of their fellow citizens.

He recalled that previously, cash and non cash contributions to the personnel and professors of Imam Reza Hospital of Kermanshah were sent to the flood-prone areas of Iran.

The head of the Imam Reza Hospital, invited all the professors and staff of the large hospital to join this public campaign, said: I can declare as representative of 2600 staff members and faculty members of this hospital complex that “We are still ready to help any flood victims”.

It is worth mentioning that a number of student activists from the universities of medical sciences of Iran, by launching the “National Sculptor of Iranian Academicians” entitled “Sympathy Spring”, requested all students, staff and professors of the medical universities of the country to join in this campaign, Residential houses destroyed in flood-hit areas of the country.

Based on this plan, any amount of cash donations will be collected by academics at any university, twice as much as the subsidies from the country’s supportive institutions, and the degraded residential units of some of the compatriots needing to be restored.

It should be noted that this dynamics will, in the best of transparency, announce the funds of each university and will expose the houses made by each university to all participants in the campaign.

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